Jago Livingstone

I was lucky enough to grow up in a creative environment. My father was an architect who used to take me around his buildings explaining all the challenges that he faced in their construction and how he overcame them with design.

My mother was an interior designer, we would sit and discuss colour pallets, space and light. She was always rather shocked to see me so intrigued by their sample catalogues reading up on kitchens and the latest lighting modules.  As a passionate designer herself, she would regularly take me around galleries and museums. She would also sign me up to creative days, like the Satchi and Sarchi kids open day. Where we would construct large 3D environments in teams and then trial each other out. So it is fair to say I had a good leg up into the design world having been fed on a diet of constant creativity.

Mum & Dad

The biggest decision for me was what aspect of design to focus on. I have always been a big fan of 3D design and have purchased some iconic products as a result. The Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer and the Alessi Juicy Salif citrus squeezer are two that I am very fond of. They are completely different products both created with design and ergonomics in mind. I find them mesmerising and beautiful.

Another passion of mine is cinema and it was when I was sat in the audience of the 1995 hit movie  ‘Seven’ I decided that I wanted to go to university and study graphic design. I had never seen a title sequence like it. It was so powerful, jarring and unnerving yet interesting and compelling. The typography made me look at graphics in a new way. I realised that it was where I wanted to start my design career.

Leadership skills

I am not a massive fan of a top-down approach, In fact, that’s why I am now seeking a new position. I share Steve Jobs view of listening to those who you hire. Or so his quote below alludes too! The movie ‘Jobs’ paints a different picture, but hey I was not there. So let’s focus on the quote.

‘It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.’

Giving people space to grow feels key and making sure they have a platform/channel to voice views will but mutually beneficial for the employer and company.

To take it a step further I believe that leaders should inspire and nurture those below them. Then they will be followed. This is my goal, to improve my skills to the point where I can see/feel this happening.

My tongue in cheek ratings!

Creative direction

Strategic direction

Team leadership

Mentoring & Coaching

Client management


  • User Experance

  • Problem Solving

  • Spelling

  • Relationship building

  • Design

  • Whiteboard


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